DFSI Digital.NSW Playbook - #3 Select

  • Sunday, 04 February 2018 21:59
  • Written by  DFSI

Select is the third playbook in the Digital Workspace Transformation process. This phase looks at the best practices in connecting your vision, strategy and goals to a solution.

Select relies on the work completed in the Initiate and Assess playbooks to match your documented future needs to:

  • one or more solutions
  • one or more vendors, or your IT area.

This group will provide services for the infrastructure implementation and additional assistance in change management.

While solutions can be built specifically, ‘off-the-shelf’ products requiring little or no configuration are available, as opposed to product builds that are costly and higher risk. However it is not recommended to purchase a solution that is the ‘closest fit’ as this may lead to further problems.

At the completion of this stage of the process you will have selected a solution that meets your needs and developed a vendor engagement agreement.

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