DFSI Digital.NSW Playbook - #6 Improve

  • Sunday, 04 February 2018 22:07
  • Written by  DFSI

Improve is the final playbook in the Digital Workspace Transformation process.

This phase helps you to now define improvement strategies which will be put into action after the implementation of your solution. These strategies will help maximise the value obtained from the initiative. They will also allow you to identify and track lessons learnt during the implementation which can be fed back to other NSW government agencies to benefit their implementation planning. If any negative experiences of your project can allow others to be alert to and potentially avoid an issue, this then is a positive outcome for NSW Government.

To run a project which implements your initiative and delivers improvement is a good outcome. To leverage the project to maximise ongoing value and create innovation, is the ultimate goal of the Digital Workspace Transformation process.

Once you have completed Improve in the process playbooks, you will have gathered sufficient information to collaboratively develop a comprehensive project management plan with all affected stakeholders contributing to the plan.

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