DFSI Digital.NSW Playbook - Mobility

  • Sunday, 04 February 2018 22:12
  • Written by  DFSI

Mobile technology has matured rapidly over the past 25 years and has become more affordable and capable of transforming the way people work. Its impact on the workforce is equal to the introduction of computing, and mobility will progressively change how and where people work.

Throughout this document, the term ‘mobility’ refers to both the person and the business processes conducted by that person through mobile technology. It is distinct to ‘portability’, which simply renders the desktop experience onto a portable device (for example, laptops or tablets). The definition of mobility includes a mobile device, a telco plan, some apps, security and support services. It is about ‘mobilising a day in the life of’ the government employee.

By adopting mobility, a government agency can reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance employee engagement.

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