WhitePaper - BiModal I.T.

  • Sunday, 04 February 2018 21:01
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How BlinkMobile enables Government Agencies to ‘bust your app backlog’ by enabling Bimodal IT

How do you rapidly deliver new, innovative, app-style solutions that will transform your business processes and offer new services, recognising that your core enterprise applications and systems of record just can’t move at the same pace?

Gartner and other organisations recognise that the answer lies in Bimodal IT. You’ve got to support your IT operations moving at 2 speeds.

Bimodal IT describes how to renovate your core enterprise systems (your “Mode 1 environment”) so that they can be used by new solutions and in new ways without breaking…. WHILST AT THE SAME TIME enabling the agile, light, easy-to-build, task-oriented, app-style solutions that harness mobile, context-awareness, location, IoT and all the other technologies (your “Mode 2 environment”) that can truly transform daily activities.

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