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  • Sunday, 04 February 2018 21:22
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Digitisation of Services: Bust your app backlog and set yourself up to be “Digital on the Inside”

NSW Government has a target of 70% of all services to be digital within 2 years, so it’s vitally important for agencies to focus on the “here and now”. To be able to digitise some of their key business processes as rapidly as possible whilst also setting themselves up to be able to roll out new and innovative solutions based on a flexible, agile “Digital on the Inside” infrastructure.

Digitisation involves a mix of technologies - some of them unfamiliar to many agencies - but the “base camp” can be established with the first apps. BlinkMobile is working with numerous government agencies on these types of projects.

Instead of dealing with technology projections and futures that seem out of reach, this short paper will stay focussed on the “here and now” of mobile-centric solutions. It draws directly on the learnings and experience of three NSW Government Agencies who are well underway (but by no means complete) with mobile employee/contractor solutions.

We believe experience and evidence are keys to success in delivering working projects and products. With these, BlinkMobile is well placed to assist you in implementing serious mobile solutions that you can deliver in months, not years and move you closer to a fully digital future.

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