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  • Sunday, 04 February 2018 20:44
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NSW Food Authority Orders Information To Go

NSWFA employs a team of 50 dedicated field workers who spend the majority of their days travelling the state, conducting inspections, investigating complaints and ensuring compliance with food regulations and food acts. Until recently, a typical week would see these staff spending three days in the field, conducting visits, discussing food safety requirements and inspecting premises. At each stop staff would sort their way through up to 300 forms and checklists as they documented their findings and noted any necessary follow-up actions.

The process was thorough but it involved a great deal of duplication. While in the office, staff would print out information relating to the businesses they planned to see in the days ahead. After the site visits, they would have to wait until they were next in the office to enter the information into the organisation’s information systems. Debbie Brookfield, NSWFA Business Systems Manager says, “For nine years we wanted to find a way to help field staff become more efficient and to get them out from behind the desk, but the technology wasn’t really there to enable us to do it affordably.”

In 2012, Brookfield attended a mobility conference where she heard the CIO of Logan City Council describe his experiences developing a BlinkMobile field access solution for, among other things, restaurant inspections. The experience was a revelation. “The presentation opened our eyes to the fact there were now options in the marketplace that could deliver what we needed,” she notes.

Staying focused on the field benefits A business case was developed and approved and the NSWFA embarked upon a formal procurement process for a field access solution. After evaluating RFP responses and eliminating all the custom-builds and unproven solutions, the Authority selected a solution based on the BlinkMobile platform, with backend development and implementation services from business mobility and cloud specialists.

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