Video - SafeWork N.S.W.

  • Sunday, 04 February 2018 20:38

SafeWork NSW Workplace Safety Inspector - A Day In The Life

The SaFE Mobility application opened critical business systems to Inspectors in the field, both on and offline. Benefits from the early roll out have included:

  • mobile access to mainframe systems;
  • duplication of work removed (no more paper entries being typed into a database for the SaFE functions);
  • reduction in ‘back to base’ travel.

Plus, SafeWork Inspectors now have the ability to share current/approved safety information directly with the customer at the time of the interaction, ensuring both parties leave the discussion confident that everything is clearly understood.

Donna Avery, Safework NSW's Systems & Process Improvement Manger tells us that “Several processes have been completely replaced. Working directly with developers is critical in delivering a quality product. BlinkMobile’s team are flexible and willing to please. Our team appreciated how they always suggest better ways of solving the problem and future proofing what they deliver. ”

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